Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fast and Fun Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

Invited to a holiday meal? Offer to make a table decoration, to help out your host/hostess and add to the table's festive vibe.

I was invited to a big Thanksgiving meal this year and wanted to up the offering to more than the usual side dish (sure I'm happily bringing roasted potatoes), so I offered to make the place cards. The hostess helpfully sent me a list of names (all correctly spelt) and advised me of the color of her dishes and linens.  I got busy,  and here are the cards, easily put together with some stickers from a craft store (I got mine at Pearl Paint in New York City) and colored paper from Staples. The big turkeys designated our big-hearted hosts Christine and Carter.
Can't wait for the turkey!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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