Monday, September 21, 2009

Closet Door re-do

Hi all,
Here's another little inexpensive re-do I did recently on the closet doors in my son Max's bedroom at Beach Rose Cottage. The closet doors in Max's room had never been finished and the unpainted wood doors and knobs stuck out and drew your eye to them, in his all white and aqua color-schemed room. I found some "on sale" seafoam blue/green glass door knobs/pulls at the Anthropologie store a few blocks from our NYC apartment ( that were a perfect darker hued color match for the seafoam blue/green painted floors. When you're thinking about these home projects in a more remote rural area it's often best to source decorative accents "from away" and bring them back, as often the local choices are very limited and you see the same accents in every home. It's nice to be different! To begin, I unscrewed the doors and took them outside to our "folk art" garage to work on. I started with a light sanding to both sides of the doors, then applied two coats of white semi-gloss  paint. Then I screwed in the door knobs and carried the doors back upstairs and with honey Kerry's help,  screwed them back in place. Total cost $18 for the paint and the knobs were marked down to $7 each, for a total of approximately $32 in materials and less than 3 hours of labor. Voila! A small job that made a big visual improvement impact in a cozy little room. We love the fresh look this very inexpensive project gave to Max's room. And he loved it too!

Close up of the pretty antique detailing to the 
glass door pulls from Anthropologie that I put on Max's closet doors at Beach Rose Cottage
recently. Changing door knobs (or drawer pulls)
 is one of the quickest and least expensive 
ways to update or improve the look of a door
 or cupboard drawer. 

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