Thursday, September 17, 2009

Upholstered Found Chair Re-do

I've always wanted to tackle an upholstered chair project and this summer I finally did it. Our plans at our country house "Beach Rose Cottage" in Nova Scotia this summer, was to try to stay there for as long as possible. To stretch our "holiday" money to make that happen meant no spending money on our house this summer. But my son Max's bedroom was a little sparse and I wanted him to have a place to sit and read and draw. Driving up our rural route road I spotted a sign by the side of the road "Free Furniture" and what appeared to be a nice looking desk and chair combo was set out. My husband (who was driving) whizzed by with me saying "Can't we sto-o-o-o-op?" He relented, pulled over I went to inspect, he backed up, I got to take the desk and chair home. The chair was very sturdy, heavy wood and in perfect condition other than the ugly, scuffed and chipped off white paint job and the not-gonna-work-for-Max pink paisley fabric on the seat cushion. Started by unscrewing the wood/foam cushion. Then did a quick 20-minute sanding job with a textured scuffing sponge from any hardware store ($3) and two coats of paint (I had some left over) and the chair was looking pretty good. I didn't have a staple gun (and couldn't find one in the closest 700-person town) so I just used a regular stapler to attach first the double layer of clean new white fabric and then the pretty, solid aqua colored linen fabric that matched the color I painted his bedroom floor, on top of that. Then I rescrewed the wood/foam/fabric covered cushion to the chair. Voila! Max was a happy camper showing off his "new" desk and chair to all our guests who dropped by for the rest of the summer. 

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